Welcome to IKEBUKURO! | DiCE

Welcome to IKEBUKURO! | DiCE


DiCE is a large Internet Cafe chain with 18 stores located mainly in the Kanto region. Make yourself at home in our spacious and comfortable private rooms where you can relax, enjoy reading, surfing the Internet etc. In addition, we offer different kinds of free drinks as well as high quality ice cream and many other additional services that will make your stay pleasant and comfortable. Since an ID check and member registration is required when using the services, please make sure you bring your passport or other identification document.

DiCE VIP rooms

Please come and rest in a spacious room where you can enjoy surfing the web, playing online games, watching movies and more. We also have VIP rooms and karaoke rooms, all of them are completely private and have locks.

DiCE room
A new type of "hotel" in Japan! Cheap and convenient! The front desk and interior look like a luxury hotel. All rooms are completely private and can be used as a base for sightseeing.