Ikebukuro Inbound Promotion Association IIPA

Share the wonderful Ikebukuro you found!
"#ikebukurolike" Instagram campaign will be implemented.

Photo submission period :
20th Dec. 2017 (Wed) 19:00 JST
20th Feb. 2018 (Tue) 23:59 JST

From the photos submitted using the campaign hashtag, 100 of them will be posted on the website map to be introduced as photo spots, and among those who submitted photos, 50 people selected by lottery will win an original T-shirt. After the campaign period is over, we will give out hotel vouchers and Amazon Gift Cards, etc.

►How to participate
You can participate by adding a hashtag "#ikebukurolike" on a photo you upload to Instagram.

STEP 1: Follow the official Instagram account "@ikebukuroguide"
STEP 2: Post the photos to Instagram with the hashtag "#ikebukurolike".
STEP 3: We will contact you in the Instagram's direct message for your identification confirmation and to obtain your permission to post the pictures on the map. After we obtain your permission, we will post them on the website.
►Notes about contents of submitted photos
It has to be photos taken in the Ikebukuro area such as landscape, events, and food (pictures taken in the past are OK too).
►Regarding the publication of posted photos
100 photos will be selected and posted on the map of the WEB area guide "WELCOME TO IKEBUKURO" (http://ikebukuro.guide/en/) operated by Ikebukuro Inbound Promotion Association, with the shooting location information. (Note: Upon posting, administration secretariat will contact you to obtain your permission)

Posts and First-come-first-served giveaways

We will give away "WELCOME TO IKEBUKURO" original T-shirt to the first 50 applicants who post photos with the above procedure within the campaign period. Please present the screen of the Instagram photo you posted at the exchange point below.
Exchange location: Toshima Ward Tourism Association Tourist Information Center
Location: 3F, Notoya Building, 1-19-7 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
Weekday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM / Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

►Exchange location

Posting & Lottery prizes

The following prizes will be awarded to the winners selected by lottery out of the 100 photos on the website map submitted by the final day of the campaign period (20th February, 2018).

Hotel Metropolitan hotel voucher (1 night, 2 people)1 pair
Sunshine City Prince Hotel hotel voucher (1 night 2 people) 1 pair
Seibu Department Store Ikebukuro main branch 5,000 yen worth of gift cardfor 6 persons
Tobu Department store Ikebukuro branch 5,000 yen worth of gift cardfor 6 persons
A pair of tickets to Sunshine Aquariumfor 5 pair
A pair of tickets to SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatoryfor 5 pair
3,000 yen worth of Amazon gift cardfor 3 persons
3,000 yen worth of GooglePlay™ or iTunes™ gift cardfor 3 persons
▸Even if multiple posts by a single account are accepted, eligibility applies to each account, therefore one account can only win one lottery.
▸Winners will be notified by a direct message.
▸After receiving the winning notice, please contact us by the designated method to provide us with your contact information and address etc. by the deadline specified.

Please accept the Terms and Conditions in order to continue joining this campaign.

Applicants who apply for "#ikebukurolike Instagram Campaign" (hereinafter referred to as "this campaign") that the Ikebukuro Inbound Promotion Association (hereinafter "IIPA") utilizes Instagram to implement Applicant, please read the notes and prohibited items carefully along with the Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement "), please apply after agreeing.

【Rules of application】
▸ Post pictures (including comments, including "comments" below) of yourself with the hashtag "#ikebukurolike" to the photo sharing SNS smartphone application "Instagram".
▸ When posting data shooting place is not "Ikebukuro", it will be excluded from the selection.
▸ During the campaign period, you can apply as many times as you like, but winning will be only once per person.
▸ This campaign is to post post data selected from posted data to the website "Welcome to IKEBUKURO". Post data will be used in a form quoted from Instagram.
▸ Follow-up of posting data posting / Following instagram's follow-up to contact at the time of winning, please follow this official Instagram account "@ikebukuroguide".

▸ Applications for this campaign are limited to those who have the necessary address or residence for receipt of prizes.
▸ Cash prizes and rights can not be transferred.
▸ Regarding the shipment of prizes, we will ask the winners directly the necessary information such as the shipping address of the prize from the IIPA at the award announcement. For personal information received at this time, we will only use it for shipping prizes.
▸ For winning announcements and shipping items, please confirm another section .

▸ Participation in this campaign shall be made at the judgment and responsibility of the applicant himself, and in the case of any damage to the applicant at the time of entry, we will not bear any responsibility except for those caused by our intention or gross negligence .
▸ Although the applicant himself has the copyright of the contribution data posted on the Instagram, the contribution data can be posted on the web site (http://ikebukuro.guide/en/), I will approve of quoting (including Re-post) with this official Instagram account (@ikebukuroguide). Applicants shall not claim moral rights of authorship on posted photos. We will not inform you individually, so please be forewarned.
▸ This project is not supported, approved, operated, or involved with Instagram.
▸ IIPA may change or cancel all or part of this campaign without notifying the applicant in advance.
▸ In addition, if you decide it is necessary, you can change the terms of service without notice to applicants, and take necessary measures to ensure proper operation of this campaign.


For inquiries about this campaign, please contact :

Ikebukuro Inbound Promotion Association Campaign Secretariat
Depending on the subject, we may take some time to reply.
Please note that we cannot be reached on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and New-year's holidays.