Welcome to IKEBUKURO! | The Spring of Chichibu, special pink-ground in April.

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The Spring of Chichibu, special pink-ground in April.

The Spring of Chichibu, special pink-ground in April.

Round-trip + by train = only for 6 hours! To the spring spot that can be reached from Tokyo!

In the Seibu Railway's information magazine "GURUTTO PLUS", they introduce a course in Chichibu. How about a 6-hour day trip around Chichibu Shrine while returning to Hitsuji-yama Park from Bokusui Falls?
There is also a Google Map course map, so it's easy to understand, so please go to the link.

In the early 1900s, Bokusui wrote TANKA while traveling to various parts of Japan, a stone monument beside on Bokusui Falls wrote :
"秩父町 出はづれ来れば 機をりの うたごゑつゞく 古りし家竝に / Chichibumachi, Dehazure Koreba Hata-ori no, Utagoe tuduku Furishi yanami ni."
there is in the old days, it was a town with a textile factory.

You can see a poster at Ikebukuro Station. As far as the eye can see, the surface of the pink color is spreading, Hitsujiyama park are 9 types, more than 400,000 Japanese Shiba Cherry blossom/Sakura are famous.
See the main hall with beautiful sculptures at Chichibu Shrine. On the way to the beautiful shrine in the mountains, there is also a museum that introduces the floats of the Chichibu Night Festival.

Please see this video about "Seibu Chichibu Ekimae Onsen -Matsuri no Yu" at Chichibu Station [https://youtu.be/lK2-y7oKRLk YouTube]
It is may good at the end of the course, because you can also stay and meets souvenirs or eating meals.

Please refer to "GURUTTO PLUS" when boarding the Seibu Railway!

  •  March 22, 2020
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