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IKEBUKURO, as is where is. [vol.01]

IKEBUKURO, as is where is. [vol.01]

[ Infection prevention and control in Ikebukuro Area ]
Toshima City, where Ikebukuro is located, is working with a shopping district/facilities and police dept. to show off 10,000 new posters to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
In addition, they are working to prevent the spread of infection by certifying stores that comply with the seven unique measures to prevent spread. A sticker of the symbol character "NANAMARU" is attached to the certified shops.

[ in Trending Tokyo, Ikebukuro ]
Introducing Anime and Manga articles related to Ikebukuro. We have selected articles in Japanese, but it can be enjoyed only with images!

★Cosplay Event "acosta! @ Ikebukuro Sunshine City" held from 23th to 26th July at SunshineCity in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. from [Mantan Web] summary page

★from [Animate Times] : Reports about TV animation "OSOMATSU-SAN" and Animate Cafe 4th Ikebukuro collaboration