Welcome to IKEBUKURO! | Let's shoot a "Instagenic Mt. Fuji" at the Sunshine 60 Observatory!

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Let's shoot a "Instagenic Mt. Fuji" at the Sunshine 60 Observatory!

Let's shoot a

This is an special opportunity for several days in the year of "DIAMOND FUJI".

At sunset or sunrise when the sun is perfectly aligned with the summit of Mt. Fuji, you can see diamond-like light. One of the best viewing spots in Tokyo, Diamond Fuji, which is popular for its rarity and beauty, will be watched at "SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory" from the 23rd to the 30th.
The sunset time is around 16: 30 ~ 16: 50 and the best day is expected to be 26th.

From 16:00 to 17:30 on 24th January, there is also an event where a special salesperson who has acquired the photo master certification of a famous home appliance store of Bic Camera specially lectures. (May be canceled in case of rain.)

At the "SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory", events are taking place when the moon and the sun look special, so let's aim for "limited time" photos.

23th -30th Jan
16: 30-16: 50
Admission required (adults: 1,200 JPY / over high school age: 900 JPY / elementary and junior high school students: 600 JPY / 4 years old and over: 300 JPY) *Inside amusement fee is required separately.
  •  January 19, 2020
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