Welcome to IKEBUKURO! | You can take a SENTO (public bath) "by your foot" in Sunshine City!

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You can take a SENTO (public bath) "by your foot" in Sunshine City!

You can take a SENTO (public bath)

A SENTO is a public bath in Japan.

A Japanese public bath - Sento will appear in Sunshine City on 23rd and 24th Feb.
However, instead of changing into a bathing suit and taking a bath, you can experience the style of "ASHIYU/foot-bath" where you take off your shoes and soak your feet in hot water.

The Fountain Square hangs a NOREN inspired by a public bath, reflects the Sento wall painting of Mt.Fuji etc. on the huge 628-inch vision, and has several types of foot-baths such as "Yuzuyu" on a stage with Tatami mats. If you have taken after a foot-bath, you can participate in a lottery where public bath goods and Sunshine Aquarium invitation tickets are won.

There are also maps showing the 18 public baths in the around there, as well as you can learn about a Japanese bathing manners and "Sento certification".

23rd (Sun) and 24th Feb (Mon)
10:00 - 20:00 each day
Sunshine City Fountain Square
Entrance Free
  •  February 18, 2020
  • Chance
  • Event
  • Japan
  • SpecialExperience
Sunshine City
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