Welcome to IKEBUKURO! | Many Hokkaido foods will arrive on the TOBU Ikebukuro!

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Many Hokkaido foods will arrive on the TOBU Ikebukuro!

Many Hokkaido foods will arrive on the TOBU Ikebukuro!

Why don't you eat Hokkaido at your hotel room?

The gourmet fair "Winter Great Hokkaido Foods Fair - DAI-HOKKAIDO TEN" from this Tuesday, It will be held at the 8th floor of TOBU Ikebukuro.
The fair sells limited lunche-box (Bento) and bowls (Japanese don) which cooked abundant Hokkaido foods including seafoods and meats that you can take home or eat from your accommodation. Also there are sushi and ramen menus that can only be eaten at the venue.
Speaking of Hokkaido, sweets are said to be delicious. You can eat "Adzuki Sweets" using freshly harvested Hokkaido beans at 10 participating stores.

We reccomend to ....
①A lunch box (bento) with 200g of Hokkaido Wagyu beef fillet and sirloin which won the award champion at the Wagyu beef contest last year. [by HOUHEIKAN CHU-BO / 15,120 JPY *limited 50 boxes sales]
②A lunch-box (bento) with seafood such as oversized shrimp that lives in the deep sea. [by SAKANAYA ICHIREN KURA / Sales period: 7th Jan to 14th / 4,482JPY *20 boxes to be sold each day]
③ A bear-shaped pancake-sweets called "KUMAYAKI". Plenty of Ogura bean paste of new beans [by MICHI-NO-EKI AIOI / Sales period: Jan 15th to 22nd / 200JPY *Up to 5 items per person]

7th to 22nd Jan, 2020
10:00 - 20:00 *Last day closed at 18:00
8F exhibition area


  •  January 5, 2020
  • EntryFree
  • Event
  • Fair
  • Gourmet
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