Social Media Policy | 社交媒体政策 | 社會的媒體政策

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Social Media Policy | 社交媒体政策 | 社會的媒體政策

Social media policy

Ikebukuro Inbound Promotional Association online social tools as social media, and active and effective use. When the association uses social media, it strictly abides by the rules of the association and related laws and regulations, and wins the trust of customers with sincere actions.

Ikebukuro Inbound Promotional Association

Customers who use Ikebukuro Inbound Promotional Association social media official account
The information published on social media does not necessarily represent the official information published by the association. The association cannot guarantee the completeness, correctness and usefulness of the information published. Please understand. The association will post official information on the WEB website as well as in the newsletter. Please visit the official website or newsletter. This association is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss to the customer in the use of the information.
The information on social media is limited to the content at the time of the release, and the content may change afterwards. Please note.
Please understand that there are differences in the way of different accounts and interactions (answer methods, availability, response time, etc.).
Based on the judgment of this association, each account may terminate or stop using without prior notice.
Please do not implement the following actions or submissions (the URLs that were previously displayed include links to the following behaviors and performances). Please understand that the account may be deleted or blocked based on the judgment of the association when the following behaviors are met. In addition, the Association is not responsible for the damage caused to the customer.
(1) Violations or possible violations of public order and social morality
(2) Acts related to or in connection with a criminal act or that may be related to a criminal act
(3) Based on the judgment of this association, it will cause inconvenience to others, cause unfavorable or damage, and may cause the above results.
(4) Infringement of intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, other) and portrait rights, as well as privacy
(5) Contents containing harmful programs and texts
(6) Use of the association's social media for profit
(7) Disguised as someone else
(8) Code of Conduct for violations of social media usage regulations
(9) Others, which hinder management operations and other acts deemed inappropriate by this association
For the protection of personal information, please refer to the Association's Personal Information Protection Policy.
Based on the judgment of this association, when it is necessary to revise this countermeasure, there may be cases where no prior notice is given.
The association's social media policy, social media application related consultation, please consult the operating units of various social media.